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Postpartum Depression - Mississauga Halton

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a severe form of depression that affects new mothers usually within a year after the birth of their baby.

These services serve all or part of Mississauga Halton
Peel Public Health - Postpartum Mood Disorder Program  
7120 Hurontario St, PO Box 640 RPO, Mississauga, ON  L5M 2C2
Peel Public Health - Postpartum Mood Disorder Program - Peel Postpartum Family Support Line  
Box 640 RPO Streetsville, Mississauga, ON  L5M 2C2
905‑459‑7777 (Brampton and Mississauga)
1‑877‑298‑5444 (Caledon)
Trillium Health Partners - Credit Valley Hospital - Mental Health Services - Women's Reproductive Mental Health Program  
Trillium Health Partners, Credit Valley Hospital, 2200 Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, ON  L5M 2N1
905‑848‑7292 (one‑Link)

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