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Rehabilitative Care - Private Pay Clinics - Mississauga Halton

Rehabilitation services provided at a clinic can include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, case management and vocational or other evaluations. Many extended health care benefit plans cover physiotherapy and occupational therapy services.

These services serve all or part of Mississauga Halton
Acorn Family Health and Wellness Centre  
250 Wyecroft Rd, Unit 14 and 15, Oakville, ON  L6K 3T7
905-844-9355 (905-844-WELL)
905-826-3772 (905-VAN-ESSA)
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Altima Physio  
400 Bronte St S, Suite 204, Milton, ON  L9T 0H7
905-875-9393 Add to Clipboard
Athlete's Care Sports Medicine Centres - Mississauga  
Cliffway Plaza, in One's Health Club Fitness Facility, 2021 Cliff Rd, Mississauga, ON  L5A 3N7
905-275-0182 Add to Clipboard
Attune Aging Strategies and Solutions  
243 McCraney St W, Oakville, ON  L6H 3A9
905-849-8882 Add to Clipboard
Bayshore HealthCare - Mississauga - Administration Office  
2101 Hadwen Rd, Mississauga, ON  L5K 2L3
1-877-289-3997 Add to Clipboard
Bodiworks Institute  
2624 Dunwin Dr, Unit 4, Mississauga, ON  L5L 3T5
905-608-9314 ext 221 Add to Clipboard
Butterfly Paediatric Therapy  
2601 Matheson Blvd E, Unit 29, Mississauga, ON  L4W 5A8
905-206-0300 Add to Clipboard
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College - Bronte Harbour Chiropractic Clinic  
2290 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville, ON  L6L 1H3
905-825-2011 Add to Clipboard
CarePartners - Mississauga/Halton  
1900 Minnesota Court, Suite 120, Mississauga, ON  L5N 5R5
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CBI Health Group - CBI Health Centre - Milton  
Coates Crossing, 611 Holly Ave, Suite 202, Milton, ON  L9T 0K4
289-295-1010 Add to Clipboard
CBI Health Group - CBI Health Centre - Oakville  
Sixteen Mile Plaza, 2460 Neyagawa Blvd, Unit 2, Oakville, ON  L6H 7P4
905-257-5252 Add to Clipboard
CBI Health Group - Physiotherapy 2000  
Credit Valley Medical Arts Building, 2000 Credit Valley Rd, Suite 102, Mississauga, ON  L5M 4N4
905-820-3233 Add to Clipboard
CBI Health Group - Physiotherapy One  
Credit Valley Professional Building, 2300 Eglinton Ave W, Suite G05, Mississauga, ON  L5M 2V8
905-820-2829 Add to Clipboard
CBI Home Health - Ontario - Islington Ave - Etobicoke - CBI Health Centre  
1243 Islington Ave, Suite 1205, Toronto, ON  M8X 1Y9
416-233-8933 Add to Clipboard
Children's Support Solutions - Morneau Shepell  
1100 Central Pkwy W, Unit 4, Suite 100, Mississauga, ON  L5C 4E5
1-866-653-2397 Add to Clipboard
Closing the Gap Healthcare - Mississauga - Matheson Blvd E  
Corporate Office, 2810 Matheson Blvd E, Suite 100, Mississauga, ON  L4W 4X7
905-306-0202 Add to Clipboard
Closing the Gap Healthcare Physiotherapy - Mississauga - Lakeshore Rd W  
Turtle Creek Plaza, 1801 Lakeshore Rd W, Unit 8, Mississauga, ON  L5J 1J7
905-268-1076 Add to Clipboard
Community Rehabilitation - In-Home Physiotherapy  
1189 Queen Victoria Ave, Mississsauga, ON  L5H 3H2
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Cornerstone Health Centre  
6 Guelph St, Georgetown, ON  L7G 3Y9
905-702-1944 Add to Clipboard
Developing Hands - Pediatric Therapy  
22-3100 Ridgeway Drive, Mississauga, ON  L5L 5M5
416-576-6842 Add to Clipboard
Dorval Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic  
170 Rebecca St, Unit G, Oakville, ON  L6K 1J6
905-337-7007 or 903-399-7006 Add to Clipboard
Duke of York Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre  
3885 Duke of York Blvd, Unit C208, Mississauga, ON  L5B 0E4
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Dundas427 Physiotherapy  
2200 Dundas St E, Unit 4A, Mississauga, ON  L4X 2V3
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Dynamic Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre  
Dynamic Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre, 1020 Johnson's Lane, Unit A2, Mississauga, ON  L5J 2P7
905-916-1989 Add to Clipboard
Erindale Orthopedic Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation Centre  
1645 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON  L5C 1E3
905-306-1200 Add to Clipboard
Etobicoke SportMed and Physiotherapy  
81 The East Mall, Suite 105, Etobicoke, ON  M8Z 5W3
416-251-7000 Add to Clipboard
Focus Physiotherapy - Mississauga  
2338 Hurontario St, Unit 211, Mississauga, ON  L5B 1N1
905-275-5100 Add to Clipboard
Four Seasons Physiotherapy - pt Health - Etobicoke - Four Seasons Place  
16 Four Seasons Place, Suite 203, Toronto, ON  M9B 6E5
416-621-8873 or 416-621-2155 Add to Clipboard
Glen Abbey Physiotherapy of Oakville  
1131 Nottinghill Gate, Suite 205A, Oakville, ON  L6M 1K5
905-827-3593 Add to Clipboard
Halton Community Rehab Centre  
17 Wilson Dr, Unit 12, Milton, ON  L9T 3J7
905-876-1515 Add to Clipboard
Halton Healthcare - Georgetown Hospital - Work-Fit Total Therapy Centre  
1 Princess Anne Dr, Georgetown, ON  L7G 2B8
905-873-4598 Add to Clipboard
Halton Healthcare - Milton District Hospital - Work-Fit Total Therapy Centre  
725 Bronte St S, Milton, ON  L9T 9K1
905-876-7022 Add to Clipboard
Halton Healthcare - Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital - Work-Fit Total Therapy Centre  
3001 Hospital Gate, Level 1, North Block, Oakville, ON  L6M 0L8
905-845-9540 Add to Clipboard
Healthmax Physiotherapy Clinics - Oakville  
1131 Invicta Dr, Unit 2, Oakville, ON  L6H 4M1
905-337-7342 Add to Clipboard
HighMark Health Medical Center  
374 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON  L5G 1H5
905-232-7002 Add to Clipboard
Lawlor Therapy Support Services  
1550 South Gateway Rd, Suite 328, Mississauga, ON  L4W 5G6
905-451-1772 Add to Clipboard
Leaps and Bounds  
905-508-6543 Add to Clipboard
Lifemark Physiotherapy - Mississauga - City Centre  
City Centre Medical Arts Building, 3420 Hurontario St, Suite 301, Mississauga, ON  L5B 4A9
905-803-9393 Add to Clipboard
Lifemark Physiotherapy - Mississauga - Meadowvale Town Centre  
6855 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle, Suite 101, Mississauga, ON  L5N 2Y1
905-858-3273 Add to Clipboard
Lifemark Physiotherapy Derry and Bronte  
6990 Derry Rd, Suite 203, Milton, ON  L9T 7H3
905-878-9293 Add to Clipboard
Lifemark Physiotherapy Lakeshore - Oakville  
135 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville, ON  L6K 1E5
905-337-2298 Add to Clipboard
Lifemark Physiotherapy River Ridge  
Professional Medical Building, 311 Commercial St, Suite 105, Milton, ON  L9T 3Z9
905-693-8852 Add to Clipboard
Lightspeed Rehabilitation  
Sheridan Centre, 2225 Erin Mills Pkwy, Unit 182, Mississauga, ON  L5K 1T9
905-823-2226 Add to Clipboard
MedRehab Physiotherapy  
Georgetown Professional Arts Building, 99 Sinclair Ave, Suite 110, Georgetown, ON  L7G 5G1
905-877-5900 Add to Clipboard
Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario - Bayshore Therapy and Rehab  
59 Beaver Bend Cres, Etobicoke, ON  M9B 5R2
416-231-4358 Add to Clipboard
Oakville Physiotherapy Centre  
101 Maurice Dr, Oakville, ON  L6K 2W6
905-845-6922 Add to Clipboard
Omni Health and Rehab - Milton  
Milton Service Canada Building, 310 Main St E, Suite 108, Milton, ON  L9T 1P4
905-876-8885 Add to Clipboard
Parkerhill Physio  
3015 Parkerhill Rd, Unit 7, Mississauga, ON  L5B 4B2
905-276-0001 Add to Clipboard
Physiotherapy Active Rehab  
Longo's Plaza, 3163 Winston Churchill Blvd, Unit 3, Mississauga, ON  L5L 2W1
905-820-7030 Add to Clipboard
Physiotherapy Advanced Rehab - Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Clinic  
1250 Eglinton Ave W, Unit A15, Mississauga, ON  L5V 1N3
905-997-7200 Add to Clipboard
Six Points Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - pt Health  
5468 Dundas St W, Unit 106, Etobicoke, ON  M9B 6E3
416-239-3323 or 647-794-3673 Add to Clipboard
Speech and Company - Georgetown - Speech and Occupational Therapy for Kids  
299 Eaton St, Georgetown, ON  L7G 6N7
416-628-3899 Add to Clipboard
Speers Road Physiotherapy Clinic  
1060 Speers Rd, Suite 213B, Oakville, ON  L6L 2X4
905-339-3233 Add to Clipboard
Sports Clinic (The) - Mississauga  
University of Toronto Mississauga - Recreation, Athletic and Wellness Centre, 3359 Mississauga Rd N, Mississauga, ON  L5L 1C6
905-820-9292 Add to Clipboard
Sports Clinic (The) - Oakville  
2315 Bristol Circle, Suite 102, Oakville, ON  L6H 6P8
905-829-2827 Add to Clipboard
Trafalgar Physiotherapy - pt Health  
1235 Trafalgar Rd W, Suite 401, Oakville, ON  L6H 3P1
905-845-8263 or 289-351-1884 Add to Clipboard
Triangle Physiotherapy - Etobicoke  
Remax Building, 1 East Mall Cres, Etobicoke, ON  M9B 6G8
416-207-9911 Add to Clipboard
Triangle Physiotherapy - Mississauga  
Limelight Condos, 4188 Living Arts Dr, Unit 3, Mississauga, ON  L5B 0H7
905-270-1400 Add to Clipboard
Triangle Physiotherapy - Oakville  
Shoppes on Dundas Plaza, 2501 Prince Michael Dr, Unit 2, Oakville, ON  L6H 0E9
905-257-3334 Add to Clipboard
West End Rehab and Physical Therapy  
3853 Bloor St W, Etobicoke, ON  M9B 1L2
647-428-5852 Add to Clipboard

These services are located outside of Mississauga Halton, but provide service to Mississauga Halton.
Boomerang Health  
9401 Jane St, Unit 211, Vaughan, ON  L6A 4H7
905-553-3155 Add to Clipboard
Davisville Physiotherapy Centre  
6620 Finch Ave W, Unit 9, Toronto, ON  M9V 5H7
416-489-5313 Add to Clipboard
19 Larabee Cres, Unit 1, Toronto, ON  M3A 3E6
416-447-7325 Add to Clipboard
McCarthy Chiropractic Clinic  
Elmhurst Plaza, 2428 Islington Ave, Suite 210, Etobicoke, ON  M9W 3X8
416-747-6678 Add to Clipboard
Morneau Shepell - Children's Support Solutions  
1131 Leslie St, Toronto, ON  M3C 2J6
1-866-653-2397 Add to Clipboard
PhysioMed Etobicoke-Humber  
106 Humber College Blvd, Unit 203, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 4E4
416-740-6681 Add to Clipboard
Queensway Physiotherapy Centre  
365 Evans Ave, Suite 100, Toronto, ON  M8Z 1K2
416-251-5400 Add to Clipboard
Rexdale Chiropractic Centre  
96 Rexdale Blvd, Unit 3, Etobicoke, ON  M9W 1N7
416-740-1060 Add to Clipboard
Shelton Physiotherapy Associates  
2468 Eglinton Ave W, Unit 2, Toronto, ON  M6M 5E2
416-651-1722 Add to Clipboard
Toronto People With AIDS Foundation  
200 Gerrard St E, 2nd Fl, Toronto, ON  M5A 2E6
416-506-1400 Add to Clipboard

Medical services must be provided by or supervised by a regulated health professional. To confirm whether a regulated health professional is eligible to practice in Ontario, go to the public registry at:

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